• Behavioral Health Home services at BHcare

  • What is a “Behavioral Health Home”?

    The Behavioral Health Home (BHH) program provides integrated medical and psychiatric services to eligible adults, adolescents,
    and children. Our team is comprised of nurses, hospital transition coordinators, case managers, and peer support specialists dedicated to helping you and your family navigate and overcome challenges within the healthcare system.

  • The BHH Team can assist you with:

  • • Health education & preventative screenings
    • Quitting smoking
    • Coordinating referrals to other community services
    • Access to medical and specialty providers
    • Reducing dependence on substances

  • BHH Benefits

  • • Improved overall health
    • Increased access to various services
    • Increased understanding of medical tests and screenings
    • Reduced hospital stays
    • Improved management of health conditions
    • Increased family support

  • BHH is a FREE service.
    Find out if you are eligible today! Contact:
    Alex Kosakowski – (203) 438-2630 x2244, akosakowski@bhcare.org

    Sandy Lombardi – (203) 736-2601 x1370, slombardi@bhcare.org.

  • BHH services are available in our Ansonia and Branford locations, as well as in the community.