• #InspireChange Advocacy Campaign

  • Fund Mental Health & Addiction Services

  • Each year when the State faces the onerous task of balancing the budget, community-based behavioral health services are on the chopping block. We need your help to remind the legislature why the services provided at BHcare are absolutely essential to the overall health, well-being and safety of our communities.

    The meaning behind #InspireChange is twofold, it represents the change our clients undergo when they actively participate in services, it also represents the opportunity for change at the State level.

  • 2018 Legislative Priorities

    • When the State of Connecticut invests in BHcare, it is making a wise and proven appropriation that is effective and efficient. We provide high quality care directly to our clients and serve populations that need our help the most.
    • We believe that nonprofits like BHcare can provide health and human services to residents of Connecticut at a significant savings.
    • We support conversion of services to local nonprofits, and are more than willing to lead that conversation with legislators.
      • Millions can be saved and reinvested in the nonprofit health and human services system thus increasing the reach of limited state dollars.
      • We ask state legislators to continue to defend critical funding for outpatient mental health and addiction services. We cannot suffer more devastating cuts, they will not only hurt our clients but add a significant cost burden back to the state. More cuts will mean more people inappropriately going to the ED’s, the jails, and back on the streets.
    • In-home and telephonic counseling services are both effective and efficient. We support a State Plan Amendment to make these services billable under Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Contact your state legislators

  • The CT Nonprofit Alliance offers an easy way to reach out to your State Representative and State Senator: Contact My Legislators

    Contact them today and tell them why services provided by BHcare and other community-based behavioral health organizations are critical for Connecticut.

  • Participate in the #InspireChange Campaign

  • You can easily join the #InspireChange movement! Visit us on Facebook: @CTBHcare and follow us on Twitter: @CTBHcare
    share our videos and use the hashtag.

    Share your own story too! The more voices heard, the better. If you’d like to make an #InspireChange video, email Tracy.