Support Services

We offer a variety of support services to help you access resources and build the skills and tools you need to live an independent life.

We offer services in locations that are convenient for you such as your home, a community setting, a hospital, shelter or correctional facility.

Adult Community Support Services (CSS)

Following best practices in our field, BHcare emphasizes learning and skill-building, so clients can become more independent. We believe individuals with mental health and co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance use) can recover and lead full lives in their communities. The supports provided by Community Support Specialists uphold that philosophy, by providing services that are:

  • Individualized
  • Client-driven
  • Recovery-oriented
  • Based on skill building for independent living

Jail Diversion

BHcare has a counselor stationed at the New Haven and Derby Courthouses to help engage individuals with mental health issues and/or substance use disorder in services, and divert them out of the criminal justice system.

Young Adult Services (YAS)

Young Adult Services (YAS) provides specialized treatment and support for individuals ages 18-25 who are struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues.

Our goal is to provide the types of supports to help make your journey into adulthood successful. Supports available to you include mental health treatment, employment support, life skill development and housing assistance.

Trauma Sensitive Treatment: Many of the young people who come to us have experienced trauma, including neglect and physical and/or sexual abuse, and as a result may suffer from associated symptoms; so our young adult services are trauma sensitive and built upon the principles of trauma treatment.

Client Centered Approach: We believe that young adults with mental health difficulties and other problems, can be helped to achieve and maintain stability if given the right support, guidance, education, treatment, and skills. The best way to begin this process is to collaborate with DCF prior to an individual’s 18th birthday and develop a service plan together with the individual. The active involvement of the client, their family, and the community in the development of the recovery plan is essential to success.

Eligibility: Participants in YAS program must be 18 to 25 years of age, reside in the Valley towns of Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Shelton or Oxford; the Shoreline towns of Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Madison, North Branford or North Haven, and be diagnosed with a mental illness.

Housing Services

One of the basic requirements in establishing a strong foundation for a successful recovery is safe, affordable housing.

BHcare’s Housing Department helps chronically homeless individuals and families find and maintain housing.  Support services are provided to assist people with being good tenants and obtaining the skills necessary to be successful in their own apartments.

The PATH program provides outreach and engagement to those individuals and families who are facing homelessness and residing on the streets or in shelters.  Services are provided through referrals and resource matching to assist in the securing of housing placement.

If you , or someone you know, is experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, please call the CT Infoline: 2-1-1 for a for a housing program intake.

Employment Services

Employment is an integral part of an individual’s recovery from mental illness, addictions or other disabling conditions. BHcare’s goal is to help you achieve productive employment in the community. Services can include but are not limited to job seeking skills training, on-the-job and job-related supports, vocational counseling, resume and interview preparation, and ADA consultation.

BHcare accepts referrals from a variety of sources, including clients served by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Social Clubs

BHcare Social Clubs offer an array of structured and unstructured activities geared toward building self confidence and self sufficiency. The Clubs provide a safe environment for you to make friends and carry these skills into your day to day lives. The BHcare social clubs are governed by bodies elected by their members.

On the Shoreline: OPTIONS (Opportunities Pr-ovided through Interests, Outreach, Network and Support) is located at 13 Sycamore Way in Branford. Contact OPTIONS at: (203) 800-7177     View our newsletter and calendar of events.

In the Valley: Valley Social Club is located at 285 Main Street in Ansonia. (203) 735-9106    Read our monthly newsletter.

Community Warm Line

The Community Warm Line provides telephone support to individuals in the community in need of a good listener and a caring response. Warm Line workers offer callers various options for moving forward. You can call the warm line if you are lonely, bored, anxious, in need of help to deal with a problem, or need information regarding other resources available in the community. Warm Line workers do not handle crisis or emergency calls themselves, but will refer you to the local crisis line.

You can reach the Warm Line at (203) 732-2004. The Warm Line is open Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Friday and Saturday from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Family Support

BHcare provides family support groups. Please call (203) 800-7177 to learn more.


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Mental Health &
Addiction Services

We provide a comprehensive array of behavioral health services to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Domestic Violence &
Victim Advocacy

We offer safe shelter, counseling, support and advocacy services for victims of domestic violence.



We provide counseling and support services for children and families.



We offer a wide variety of Supportive & Supervised housing services to our clients.

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