• **Please note that all referrals for Housing Services must call 2-1-1.
  • Rent Subsidy Programs

    BHcare has rental subsidy programs for individuals and families coming out of homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Each subsidy program has its own specific eligibility requirements. This is scattered site housing throughout the Lower Naugatuck Valley and the Greater Shoreline areas. Each tenant secures his/her own unit and signs a lease with the property owner. Support services are available for all subsidy holders.

  • Supportive Housing for Families

    BHcare is a contractor for The Connection, Inc. Supportive Housing for Families® program (SHF). SHF provides families served by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) throughout the state with support services and access to safe, quality, affordable and permanent housing.

    The mission of SHF is to help DCF Families thrive by finding homes in safe, nurturing neighborhoods, achieving economic independence, developing healthy relationships, and providing their children with a stable and caring home environment.

    The program helps families become reunited with children who have been placed in foster care, or prevents the placing children in foster care from happening by providing adequate housing. Services provided include:

    • Assistance in securing housing subsidy and/or rental housing
    • Transportation
    • Referral, advocacy, crisis intervention and counseling services, as needed.
    • Coordination of substance abuse treatment, such as Relapse Prevention, Children’s Services, Educational Support and Parenting Training

    For more information on Supportive Housing for Families®, please contact Anne Ventimiglia, Program Director, at
    860-344-0682 or email at aventimigia@theconnectioninc.org.