• Harbor Apartment and Respite Program (HARP)

  • HARP is an agency-owned and managed apartment complex that offers services in a cluster apartment model to individuals who can benefit from staff supervision 24 hours a day while living in their own apartment. HARP provides an intensive level of supervision with on-site support to assist with the activities of daily living, to foster development of a maximum level of functioning, and introduce and encourage the use of natural supports. Respite services provide temporary on-site supervision due to increased symptoms or individuals discharged from the hospital who require continued supervision.

  • Harbor House

  • Harbor House is an 8-bed, continually-staffed adult psychiatric community residence that provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment in the community in which residents with serious and persistent mental illness are assisted in achieving their highest degree of independent functioning and recovery. The program provides structured activities targeted at encouraging clients to reach maximum potential.

  • Acquired Brain Injury Housing Program (ABI House)

  • The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Residential Program is a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week program offered to residents with acquired brain injuries who are able to reside in the community with the assistance of residential counselors. Residents have their own private bedrooms and share common areas. Skill building and supports are available to assist residents with medication monitoring, food preparation, and household chores as well as social and leisure activities. With these supports, residents are afforded the opportunity to live productive lives in the community that may include employment, friendships, and greater independence.

  • Howe Avenue Supervised Transitional Housing

  • The Howe Avenue residential program is a transitional, supported housing program that houses five (5) individuals with psychiatric and/or substance abuse disorders. Residents are assisted, via case management and skill building, in acquiring the functional, interpersonal and independent living skills necessary to obtain and maintain independent housing and to achieve greater self-determination.