Adult Community Support Services

What to Expect

What does it mean to work with a Community Support Specialist?

You will benefit from skill building (in areas such as budgeting, scheduling appointments, learning to take transportation on your own, etc.) to help you maintain or increase your independence
You will benefit from regular assistance and supports in which you will identify and engage in activities that support your recovery.
If you have some difficulty reaching out for support services when necessary, you may need intervention and assistance managing personal supports for your substance abuse or high-risk behaviors

What you can expect from CSS

You will learn to do things independently as a result of our skill-building approach.
You will participate in developing and reviewing your recovery plan every 3 months.
You will be able to make goals that you choose and decide what you would like to learn.
You will receive many services in your home or community settings to make it easier for you to practice new skills.
You will be able to discuss any concerns regarding your services with your Community/Recovery Support Specialist, Clinical Team Leader or their supervisors when necessary.

What CSS will expect from you

We expect that you will participate in individual and group skill building in the community to become more independent.
We expect that you will be on time for your appointments and regular in your attendance, notifying staff if you will be late or unable to keep an appointment.
We expect that you will respect the confidentiality of other individuals.

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Mental Health &
Addiction Services

We provide a comprehensive array of behavioral health services to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Domestic Violence &
Victim Advocacy

We offer safe shelter, counseling, support and advocacy services for victims of domestic violence.



We provide counseling and support services for children and families.



We offer a wide variety of Supportive & Supervised housing services for our clients.

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